At Jera we offer iBurst as our internet solution that we feel will best suit your pocket and compensate for your needs. Being a partner for a long time now we have built a good relationship and are prepared to share this relationship with you, our customer. For more information on this please email



This wireless broadband technology is also known and promoted as iBurst (or HC-SDMA, High Capacity Spatial Division Multiple Access). It was originally developed by ArrayComm and optimizes the use of its bandwidth with the help of smart antennas. Kyocera is the manufacturer of iBurst devices.

iBurst offers excellent features just like other new internet connectivity options and ‘always on’ access like ADSL broadband technology. But the similarity stops there.

iBurst gives you all the benefits of wireless broadband at a cheaper price than ADSL.
Wireless connectivity is the order of the day using radio waves instead of copper phone lines. This means you can get connected to the internet with all the benefits of traditional internet with the additional wireless features and quick setup times. iBurst offers a new kind of portability and freedom that traditional wired networks cannot offer.

You can use your portable laptop card within the wireless coverage area. Your signal strength and quality determines your connection speed, the closer you are to the base station, the better your connection. You can even travel between coverage areas and still be able to connect to the internet.

We have done tests up to 10km from the base station while using external antennas and have managed to achieve up to 1MB/s sustained download rate.

iBurst is a broadband access technology that has no per minute charges so you can remain online permanently without worrying about call charges.

Simple setup of the iBurst unit allows you to easily setup the hardware and get connected within one or two business days. If we receive your order and payment before 12pm we can have your modem delivered the next working day and setup within minutes of you receiving your modem (coverage, payment, stock conditions do apply.)