Businesses are increasingly adopting POS systems and one of the most obvious and compelling reasons is that a POS system does away with the need for price tags. Selling prices are linked to the product code of an item when adding stock, so the cashier merely needs to scan this code to process a sale. If there is a price change, this can also be easily done through the inventory window. Other advantages include ability to implement various types of discounts, a loyalty scheme for customers and more efficient stock control.

At Jera you will find the best expertise that will help set up an affordable and well managed POS system. pointofsale

Sage RMS

Sage Retail management System (RMS) features robust administrative tools and customised reports to help you manage store or team needs. You’ll be able to view comparisons of current and historic customer data, sales information, stock movement, and logistics quickly and clearly so you can make timely decisions about your business.

Sage RMS is widely used in retail environments throughout Africa. RMS uses stand-alone, remote dial-up or LAN/WAN technology to serve the needs of single stores or franchises in multiple geographic locations.

Sage RMS can be integrated with Sage Geode Warehouse Management modules to reduce product handling and processing errors. Integration of RMS with Sage Geode W

Warehouse Management helps you maintain more accurate information about customers, suppliers, stock, and pricing.

Sage RMS is compatible with the most widely-used shipping systems, allowing you to easily manage the distribution of high volumes of small-packet shipments in multi-carrier environments.

Sage Retail Management System is a comprehensive end-to-end solution for retailers of all sizes. Sage RMS helps you connect with customers, adapt quickly to new technology, and establish a successful, globally competitive presence.

Flexible, convenient, and cost-effective, Sage RMS provides the detailed and accurate product information you need to deliver a successful shopping experience to every customer.



A powerful and secure retail solution suitable for small and medium sized retail businesses.

Sage Pastel Point of Sale (POS): An affordable, simple and secure payment handing retail solution for small and medium businesses

Sage Pastel’s Point of Sale security features helps prevent potential theft
Since Sage Pastel’s POS system is fully integrated, POS makes use of the security controls within Sage Pastel Accounting, as well as allow you to assign access per user in POS.

Sage Pastel Point of Sale Back Office and Reporting features
POS integrates seamlessly with Sage Pastel Xpress or Sage Pastel Partner, therefore all the stock reports that you have become accustomed to using, are available for reporting POS transactions.

Additional back office functionality includes supplier processing, account payments, viewing customer age analyses and statements. Using Sage Pastel’s advanced stock control and price matrix; you are able to determine pricing per customer, volume based discounts and special prices.


SAGE Debtors Manager

Get serious about getting paid with Sage Pastel Debtors Manager software

Sage Pastel Debtors Manager is a debtor management system suitable for any business in any industry seeking to optimise the debtor collection process. Sage Pastel Debtors Manager debt collection software has been designed to instantly implement tracking and control in your debtors collection department. Unlike other products which tend to focus on the macro level, this is a hands-on practical system that automates the daily control of the debtors book. This debt recovery module is only available while you have a valid Sage Pastel Business Care Licence contract.

Sage Pastel Debtors Manager creates reports to monitor debt collection progress, staff performance and accurately forecasts cash flow
With ready to run debtors management reports for every outstanding invoice, you can determine why the amount is outstanding; when it will be paid; what has been done and what still needs to be done.

Get paid and improve your cash flow – with Sage Pastel Debtors Manager, there are no more excuses!