Sage ERP 1000


With ever-increasing supplier choice and greater demands for service, staying close to your customers is the secret to your business success. Sage ERP 1000 can help you understand your customers. It creates a more concise, accurate and complete view of how your customers interact with your business.Choose how you want your business to run. The fully embedded workflow across key business areas lets you take charge and make your own rules. You can automate business rules across all channels, departments, and employees, and implement service level agreements and processes.

Sage ERP1000 can support the most sophisticated requirements. It is exceptionally flexible, with a huge library of modules and projects which allow different ways of operating business processes.

Scaling to 500+ users, Sage ERP 1000 is used by businesses operating thousands of transactions per day. You have the reassurance of knowing that our unrivaled customer service and well established network of carefully selected Business Partners and developers will ensure your Sage ERP 1000 solution fits your needs now and into the future.

Use web technology to sharpen your competitive advantage and let your customers choose how they want to do business with you.

Sage ERP 1000 is easily deployed and accessed via LAN, WAN or Internet, facilitated by a thin client server-based architecture. Its strong integration tools allow you to adapt to other business systems and IT infrastructures.

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