Customer Relationship

At JERA we build a customer relationship throughout our Implementation of any product. We value this relationship and make the best effort to keep a long-lasting support and trustworthy relationship with all our customers. By doing this we ensure to implement a solution that is modified and specific to every company or organisation


It all begins with scoping interviews, where we get an in-depth view of what you need from the system. The scoping sessions are critical to the implementation as JERA needs fully informed and detailed documents that assure the customer that they are getting what they are expecting. Once this is complete, we can start to plan for implementation, testing, training, and support. From there, we initiate the Sage X3 as an integrated solution.


From the Scoping Documents Jera creates files that are linked directly to how the system operates and functions. What are the key parameters that need to be set up for the unique system JERA is implementing. These documents are the configuration documents. It is how the system is configured with all the information gained during Scoping Sessions and scoping documents. Once the customer is happy with these documents and how the system will be set up we begin our next stage.

Installation and Setup

JERA will then install the system on the database that is required by the client and then the setup will begin with a specified amount of consultants that is required. This takes quite some time as there is a lot of configuration to be done. When there are developments to be made and there is integration with other systems then it takes longer to get a well defined  quality solution set up.


Testing is done in two phases. The first phase is done by JERA to Analise what has been set up in order for us to create a workable, functional, drilled-down solution. This is the Functional Acceptance Testing Phase. The next phase is the User Acceptance Testing. This is when the client has first contact with the system and tests the functionality to see if what was expected has been configured and is workable.


Training gives the users who will be using the system a hands on introduction to the system and its processes. This is when we go through all the functionalities that have been set up and use this time to create users who will manage the system and who have a general knowledge of all functionalities. JERA gives training specific to the customer and the customers new solution.

Go LIVE Approval

Once all the above is complete and the Client is absolutely certain that the solution is configured how it should be there is a Go-Live stage where-by the system then becomes active for users to use daily. This also involves a support phase where JERA will support all users, functions and bugs that arise. This time is subject to the clients needs.

Production Sign Off and Hand Over

The solution becomes entirely the clients and JERA is only used for service level agreements and other issues that may come up. Our Implementation phase is complete and we move into the greater part of our Customer Relationship supplying you with continuous insight into bettering the system with time and moving your company to greater heights, more sustainability and efficiency.