Consistently deliver high quality goods

Sage X3 manages your entire manufacturing operation faster and more effectively – from procurement and scheduling to shop floor, inventory, sales and financials – and provides better insight on quality and costs to promote strategic collaboration and improved operational efficiency.    

It’s impossible to streamline your operations when your ERP, CRM, and supply chain processes are siloed.

In a business environment where precision and attention to detail are the building blocks of success, Sage X3 helps you manage your entire process manufacturing operation faster and more effectively. With Sage X3 you get focused insight on quality and costs so you can efficiently fill customer orders, optimize production planning, and ensure high quality.

Complete Responsiveness

Shift customer demands quickly and effectively while attacking fluctuations in purchasing, production and shupping

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Process Consistency

Ensure the consistent quality of good produced while maintaining flexibility to address any order or opportunity.

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Multi Legislations

Be able to use different currencies, multi country legislation and develop a systematic global restrictions plan.

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Anytime Access

Choosing Sage X3 allows you to access your processes, reports, financials and everything else through any mobile device from anywhere.

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Powerful capabilities for Process Manufacturing

  • Manufacturing process management (batch/continuous)
  • Capacity requirements planning (CRP) and Master production schedule (MPS)
  • Mixed-mode manufacturing process planning
  • Formula/recipe and potency management
  • Extensive quality control and traceability of lots, sub-lots, ingredients and allergen
  • Forward/backward scheduling based on your priority
  • Stock status, shelf-life management and expiry tracking to ensure quality across your supply chain
  • Replenishment and inter-site transfers
  • Production management methods by job, order or inventory
  • Automated finite capacity planning
  • Extensive lot, sub-lot, and serial number trace

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