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The meaning of the name "Jera" has its origins in the Old English language, which translates to "the harvest". This is exactly where we excel, helping your business to get to the harvest, by providing specialised solutions and software. Established in 1988, our products are the essence of our existence, serving our customers worldwide. Jera provides software implementation, support and business consulting services.

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At Jera Consulting we believe that we can save you time. You know that time is money, and therefore you will need the most experienced and skilled consultants in the industry. We firmly believe that 30 years of industry experience as a business puts us right there at the top of the list. We have implemented enterprise management systems at some of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, but we also support the lemonade stand around the corner.

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Jera is pleased to announce that you can now get finance for the entire cost of your software and manage it with predictable monthly instalments. Software Finance - for assets with low/no recovery value. It has always been difficult to move to the right software package because of budget constraints. Now it is possible to get the software you need before the cash comes in. The right way round.

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